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Grenada, located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, is a small island country known for its stunning natural scenery, which includes white-sand beaches, lush rainforests, and crystal-clear waters. Besides, Grenada embodies a vibrant culture and rich history with influences from African, Caribbean, and European traditions. As a popular destination for tourists, the country offers a range of activities, including hiking, water sports, cultural experiences, and relaxation.

Grenada offers a Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI) that allows foreign investors and their families to obtain Grenadian citizenship and a passport in exchange for an investment in the country. The program requires applicants to make a qualifying investment, which can be a donation to the National Transformation Fund (NTF) or an investment in an approved real estate project. Additionally, the applicant must meet specific eligibility requirements, including a background check and minimum age and health requirements. The process typically takes 4-6 months to complete, and successful applicants can obtain citizenship and a passport that allows visa-free travel to over 140 countries.

Visas are necessary for individuals traveling to the United States and Canada. However, holders of Grenadian passports enjoy certain privileges, such as the ability to apply for E-2 visa status in the United States. This visa allows for long-term residency in the U.S., avoiding worldwide taxation with a correctly followed process. The E-2 visa requires a substantial business investment, which, in practice, tends to be lower than the minimum investment amount required for an EB-5 visa.

It is important to note that recent changes in U.S. legislation now mandate that citizens establish domicile in Grenada for a minimum of three years. However, with no specific parameters for the term domicile fully defined or explained, it is highly advisable to consult a U.S. immigration lawyer who can provide more detailed information and guidance tailored to specific situations.

Steps and Timeline for Acquiring Grenada Citizenship Through Investment:

Here are the steps and timeline for acquiring Grenada citizenship through investment:

  1. Choose an accredited agent: The first step is to choose an accredited agent who can guide you through the application process and ensure compliance with all the requirements.
  2. Submit application and investment: Once you have chosen your agent, the next step is to submit your application and investment. The investment can be a donation to the Grenada National Transformation Fund or an approved real estate project.
  3. Donation: One straightforward option available for investment is to contribute to Grenada’s National Transformation Fund, which supports various projects in tourism, agriculture, infrastructure, and alternative energy. The donation requirement for an individual investor is $150,000. Alternatively, for the investor, their spouse, and up to two dependents, the donation is set at $200,000. Additionally, there is a fee of $25,000 for each additional dependent.
  4. Real estate: Another option for applicants is to invest $220,000 in an approved real estate project within the Tourism Accommodation priority sector. These projects mainly consist of hotels and condominiums, locally owned or internationally recognized. The real estate investment covers the investor and all their dependents. However, in addition to this investment, investors must make a government donation of $50,000 per person for the principal applicant and up to three dependents, along with a fee of $25,000 per person for any additional dependent.
  5. Due diligence checks: After submitting your application and investment, you will undergo thorough due diligence to ensure you meet the requirements.
  6. Approval and issuance of Citizenship: If your application is approved, you will be issued a Grenadian citizenship certificate, giving you all the rights and privileges of a Grenadian citizen.

The entire process can take 4-6 months, depending on the complexity of your application and any delays. However, the Grenadian government has established a fast-track process that can expedite the application process to as little as 60 days for an additional fee.

Regardless of the chosen investment option, applicants must pay application, processing, and due diligence fees. The fee structure is $8,000 per adult and $4,000 per child. It’s important to note that these fees may vary depending on the ages of the dependents. Recent reforms to CBI program rules have expanded the eligibility criteria for dependents. Now, investors can include children up to 30, dependent parents and grandparents of any age for the principal applicant and spouse, and unmarried siblings over 18 for the principal applicant and spouse, provided meeting other conditions.

Performance Guarantee:

Within a Citizenship by Investment program, the Grenadian government does not officially provide a performance guarantee ensuring the protection of their investment. Applicants should note that National Transformation Fund is non-refundable. However, the government ensures the program is well-regulated and operates with strict due diligence procedures to ensure the integrity of the program and the safety of investors’ funds.